Garage of the Year 2017 Winner

Proud to announce we won Auto Care Garage of the year 2017

Welcome to Auto-Mech Cheddar

We are donating £1.00 per MOT to CRPS UK Charity

CRPS UK Charity

We are donating £1.00 per MOT to CRPS UK Charity

We are dedicated to quality. Auto-Mech are always looking for ways to increase the excellent service already available to our customers. Locally based in Cheddar, Auto-Mech is able to provide a wide range of vehicle services. These include vehicle servicing, MoT’s, repair work, diagnostics, remapping, air conditioning to name a few. See more further down our homepage with handy links to more information.

Remember if you need some advice about an issue with your vehicle, just contact us and any one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.


Our Latest event

Ladies Night

Tuesday 15th May

What a fantastic evening to have some lovely ladies interested in learning more about what we do!

Please read their comments on another successful event at Auto-Mech.


What we extra we have to offer!

AutoCare Total Motor Assist Accident Cover!

You get 12 months free accident cover after a service,

MoT or repair at an AutoCare Garage.

That’s us – Auto-Mech Cheddar Ltd!

The great thing is all you have to do is sign up to get your

12 months free, then when you come back to us the

following year for your service, MoT, or repair you can sign it

up again for another 12 months free!

Amazing, a reward that keeps on protecting you! 

Click here to find out more!