Air filter – to change,

or not to change,

that is the question?

An air filter is a vital part of the engine air intake system. It is used to remove
any dirt & contamination from the atmosphere before it enters the engine
where fuel is mixed with the air & combustion takes place, producing power
which turns the engine & propels the vehicle.

The air filter should be replaced on a regular basis – this depends upon the
driving conditions – normally stated in the service schedule, to maintain
maximum performance & efficiency of the engine.

Many car manufacturers give extended intervals for this replacement in trying
to keep advertised service costs down, but this can be to the detriment of the
engine, it’s emission control system & its overall efficiency.


An engine with a dirty or partially blocked air filter will suffer from poorer fuel
economy, problems with emission control – blocked EGR valves & intake
systems – & engine oil that degrades quickly due to poor combustion.


We often change the air filter before the manufacturers schedule because
experience has proven this to be the most cost effective way to maintain
vehicle economy & engine reliability.

If replacing an air filter saves you more than its cost in better fuel economy
between services don’t you think it’s a worthy investment, we do!