So our next treatment for your vehicle from Tec4 Lubricants that we shall look at is Oil System Protector.

Read on to find out why this is an important product.

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Extended oil drain periods and stop start driving place high demands on modern oils.

Tec4 Oil System Protector is a highly concentrated technically advanced formulation designed to optimise performance of the oil, protect the oil system and reduce oil consumption.

Key benefits:

The product is a combination of 4 technologies which:

  1. Optimises engine oil performance.
  2. Prevents contamination build up.
  3. Reduces crankcase acids.
  4. Maintains oil stability.

Tec4 Oil System Protector is a blend of anti wear additives and performance enhancers designed to improve and protect the oil system. Sophisticated lubricity agents and viscosity improvers combine to reduce engine wear, inhibit contamination build up and reduce oil consumption.

It is recommended that the oil system is flushed with Tec4 Oil System Cleaner and new oil is added prior to the addition of this product.

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