So our next treatment for your vehicle from Tec4 Lubricants that we shall look at is the new premium range: Petrol System Cleaner.

Read on to find out why this is an important product.

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Designed for modern stop start & hybrid vehicles

The introduction of stop start and hybrid engines has led to a build up of moisture in the fuel tank and fuel systems of modern vehicles, this accelerates the build up of contamination reducing engine performance and response, if left untreated, fuel economy is compromised and corrosion will form in the system leading ultimately to component failure.

Tec4 Petrol System Cleaner Premium uses unique aqua technology which scavenges water and moisture from the system, locking it in suspension and releasing it during the combustion process as superheated steam. This coupled with detergents and cleaning agents ensures a complete system clean from the fuel tank to exhaust.

Key Benefits:


The product is simply added to the existing fuel in the fuel tank where it immediately goes to work adding lubricity, stabilising the fuel and scavenging water from the fuel tank.

As it passes through the system it dissolves gums, tars and varnish that has built up in the fuel lines and injectors and scavenges moisture.

Its unique aqua technology locks the moisture in suspension surrounding it with molecules which enable it to combust safely in the combustion chamber releasing it as superheated steam which, combined with cleaning agents goes to work cleaning the piston crown, piston rings, exhaust valves and post combustion components.

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