Ladies Night

The evening you’ve asked for…

oh sorry…

only about your car, before you get any grand ideas!

We have had a lot of interest from our customers, that they would like more knowledge to be able to deal with some motoring car needs, and carry out basic car maintenance check themselves. Plus 90% of this feedback is from the ladies, good on you for wanting to know more!

The Main reason we at Auto-Mech Cheddar Ltd wanted to put on this event:

Did you know: Research reveals that nearly two thirds of female motorists (64%) don’t feel comfortable about visiting a garage for repairs, servicing or car checks with a quarter (25%) saying they avoid going alone. (Figures base on National Data Review).

We are holding an evening event to full fill these objectives. During this evening we will run through what an MOT is, what a service involves. Plus we invite you to bring your own vehicle a long and we intend to show you some information applied to your vehicle.

We hope that you will take away with you some helpful tips, greater knowledge and understanding on what happens after you drop your vehicle off.

‘Sorry guys, it’s still ladies first and only at the moment, but we would still like to hear from you if you are interested in a ‘Guys Night”

We are currently fully booked and sold out for the first one in May, fantastic news to see you all keen to find out. Please contact us if you would like to hear about the next ladies/guys night.

Tea, Coffee & Cake will be provided (Donations appreciated to CRPS-UK)

Want to see the results of this evening please click on the link below

Ladies Night the results!