Letter from the Managing Director


25th Anniversary and Garage of the year award.


We started this year with plans to celebrate Auto-Mech’s 25th year on the 1st July 2017 and further?promote and raise money for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). One of our employees?has CRPS which is why Auto-Mech Cheddar Ltd supports this charity and is one of the patrons of?CRPS UK.

Another way we continue supporting and sponsoring CRPS UK charity, is with every full Mot we?are donating ?1 to this Charity. Little did we know that we would also achieve AutoCare Garage of the Year, So now we have even?more good reason to celebrate. When I (Andrew) first established Auto-Mech back in 1992 my ambition was to bring a better service to customers from a independent garage and to be more professional than anything they?had seen. I did wonder whether my ideas were what the customer wanted and would work; To provide a trustworthy and honest service.

I am so glad I did it, it just took 20 plus years to prove it!

In 2006 Tim became my business partner, then in 2008 we joined AutoCare, installed a Mot?bay, and took on the lease of the industrial unit next door just when the world went into recession! But that didn’t stop us and we have not looked back since. We have gone from strength to?strength. From just the two of us, we then became a team with my son Ash, Tim’s step-son Ben, my wife, Lynn and Sam who feels like part of the family all joining us, making us into a ‘Family Business’ and a very good professional Team – Tim and I would like to thank them once again for all their good work in helping us to achieve the award. We are dedicated to quality, Auto-Mech is always looking for new ways to increase the excellent service already available to our customers. With our motto ‘We care about your car’.

In 2011 we became a limited company and in 2015 purchased the two industrial units for ourselves, which gives us greater control of our destiny. Our customers continue to show their support by telling us how we are doing;

This feedback just goes to show that we are heading in the right direction, from when I started 25 years ago myself wondering will it work? We signed up with AutoCare because we believed they would greater help us in our quest; To be a modern, proactive, professionally run independent Garage, which customers can put their faith in. With the backing of a large organisation, that could deliver marketing, up-to-date training which keeps us ahead of current issues. We are so pleased we did and that we have also encouraged other garages to do so. It is truly great to see that after 25 years we have been award AutoCare’s coveted ‘Garage of the Year’ and just makes us even more determined to continue the good quality service we currently provide. All done with the backing of AutoCare.

We raised funds for CRPS UK on our open day on Saturday July 1st, some of their representatives joined us on the day to help promote and understand what CRPS is all about and raise awareness.

Many Thanks,

Andrew Jones
Managing Director
Auto-Mech Cheddar Ltd