AutoCare Total Motor Assist Accident Cover!

You get 12 months free accident cover after a service, MoT or repair at an AutoCare Garage. That?s us..

Auto-Mech Cheddar Ltd!

“Sitting alongside your car insurance and covering you, your family and all your cars, it?s yet another way AutoCare gives you more.”


Gives you so many benefits:

Saves you hundreds of pounds:

What is Total Motor Assist?

It?s not a breakdown policy. It?s a multi-car multi-driver membership package of accident management services that sits alongside your car insurance.

You?ll never be left stranded at the roadside after an accident. Our specialised member services put you in a much stronger position than you would be with your car insurance alone. Think about all the costs and time-consuming hassle of claiming on your car insurance after an accident. Now imagine not having to suffer any of that. That?s Total Motor Assist.

We?re very proud, open and honest about what we do and how we add immense value to our members. If you?d like to know more about any benefit, we?ve provided this in detail here;

What do you get?
UK law is on your side and empowers us to do what we do for you!

In the event of an accident that?s not wholey your fault, you have the legal right to be put back into the same position that you would have been in had the accident not occurred. All the services we provide are in accordance with this legal principle.

You?re more at risk on UK roads than you might think!
There are 12,000 road accidents a day in the UK,
more than 6,000 of which are a third party?s fault.

Statistically it?s likely you know someone who?s had a road accident ? and how many times have you been stuck in traffic because there?s an ?incident ahead??

With over 28 million cars on UK roads and rising, the risk factor is increasing. In short, the need for accident-specialised services that sit alongside and augment your car insurance is very clear. We fill the gaps in your car insurance and save you hundreds of pounds check this? How to save!

How it all works
If you?re involved in a car accident that?s not your fault you don?t have to claim on your insurance and you can take advantage of all your member benefits with us just by calling us first.

You should inform your insurer you?ve been in an accident ? but make it very clear to them that this is for ?information only? and that you don?t wish to make an insurance claim. This should ensure your insurer doesn?t settle with the other party?s insurer without your knowledge or start the ball rolling with a claim on your insurance. You are not required to inform your insurer about the accident immediately, but within a ?reasonable time?. So you can call us immediately and we can start helping you right away ? e.g. recovering your car for free. 6 reasons why you?re better off.

Where?s the catch?
There is no catch. Unlike insurance companies, we don?t depend on premiums or membership fees for our revenue
This is because we make our money from within the insurance industry every time we provide you with services. So we pass the savings on to you. How so? See what others have said about Total Motor Assist

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