12th August 2016?

I have finally weaned myself off my pain medication!

The previous year, I tried on my own to come off my medication, however I just could not handle the pain and I was struggling. This didn?t go well & just resulted in me going back to the start!

?I did not want to feel so muddled in my head anymore. I?ve been at rock bottom I need to start to live again, this is my life now? I am more than CRPS!?

After nine years I just wanted to feel like me again I knew I had to come off the medication to do that. I have friends with CRPS who have come off medication, they state that the pain never goes away, even with pain medication they just got fed up feeling brain fog. Reducing my medication the second time with the help of my family & GP at a much more slower rate this time.

?It took it?s toll on me, pain didn?t go away it just increased, my body had to have time to adapt, over time my head became clearer ? this is the real me reappearing? starting to shine though ? past that brain fog of medication.

I had to listen to my body & learn what was CRPS symptoms & what was the side effects of the medications. Since coming off the medication I have noticed that I have CRPS symptoms in my legs & feet also. My family can see the difference in me. I won?t say it?s been anywhere near an easy ride & it did take most of that year, but I made it through to the other side ? the pain is still there and yes it has increased, but I have to adapt to it.

Just by pacing myself more, resting when the pain gets too much even having a duvet day if needed without feeling guilty! (sometimes I am not very good at that, you can ask my husband!).