Exhausts, Batteries &
Accessories Cheddar

Exhausts, Batteries & Accessories Cheddar

Exhausts, Batteries & Accessories Cheddar

In an exhaust system, the aim is to guide the exhaust gases away from the engine.

The basic exhaust system contains an exhaust manifold leading to a down pipe and then piping leading to, most commonly, the rear of the vehicle. Some larger vehicles like the Transit have the exhaust pipe out to the side of the vehicle, about halfway down its length. Also there are some vehicles that have one or more silencers built in to quieten the noise, some even have turbochargers, EGR’s and others like systems, which are built into the exhaust system. Depending on whether you have a petrol or a diesel engine the exhaust will have added extras like a Catalytic converter, Diesel Particulate Filter or the AdBlue system.


The battery in your vehicle is commonly a 12 volt lead-acid battery. Unless you have a Hybrid vehicle, then it’s a totally different sort of battery. With a lead-acid battery, they contain 6 cells each providing 2volts. These cells are made up of lead (or lead-Calcium)plates & lead dioxide plates both submerged in an electrolyte solution of about 40% sulphuric acid and 60% water. The chemical reaction between these produce electricity.

With so many versions of battery now out there, do you know which one you have? There are certain ways to charge particular batteries, or even certain procedures when fitting a new battery. So do you know how? Or when charging your battery do you know the correct procedures and the risks involved to you or your vehicle? If your not sure, just ask us. We are happy to assist. We can charge your battery for you correctly and safely.

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