Auto-Mech is able to offer a complete range of professional services to ensure that your Air Con system is running cleanly and safely. These range from anti-bacterial clean and recharge, to a full leak test and repair.

A Normal Air Con service costs from £70 (inc VAT)

Your air conditioning system needs regular recharging every 2 years.

Generally unknown is that with your air conditioning system prefers to be left on and will save you money in the long run.

Nearly 90% of all new vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard. As with most mechanical parts, these systems need regular checks and servicing. It is generally recommended that your air conditioning is serviced annually so that your system works efficiently. This helps keep the condenser, evaporator, heater core and air ducting free from harmful bacteria, spores, mould and fungi.

Modern air conditioning systems trap moisture, creating a habitat for mould, mildew, bacteria and other micro-organisms to grow. To maintain cabin temperatures, these efficient systems require a larger percentage of air to be recirculated causing the harmful mould spores to be regularly blown into the cabin area and colonise anywhere moisture collects.

Micro-organisms, such as mould spores, are linked with many diverse health effects ranging from breathing difficulties to nervous system disorders.

Auto-Mech can provide treatments which are designed to remove odours from your air conditioning system. This is done by drawing the atomised spray into the air vents and circulating it through the interior ducting vehicle. These also eliminate pet, food and cigarette smells, leaving the whole vehicle smelling clean, fresh and sanitised.

Treatments are available in various scents ? Apple, Fresh Linen, Citrus and Coconut.

Did You Know?

Prolonged periods of inactivity can cause component corrosion and seizure, with replacement parts amounting to an expensive repair bill.

Disinfect with our Air Conditioning Treatments annually eliminates spores and kills bacteria, mould and fungi. This reduces the risk of ?sick car syndrome?.

Ignoring a ventilation cleanse can lead to:

  • Drivers and passengers breathing in bacteria and allergens;
  • Poor airflow and quality of air;
  • Persistent smells from the vents.

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