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Electric Car Repairs Cheddar

We have staff trained and IMI certified to work on Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

We are looking forward to continuing to work with electric vehicles, embracing the electric age that is coming. In the future, we are hoping to put electric charging points in for our customer parking.

Do Electric Cars need an MOT?

Electric vehicles do still need an MOT, just as petrol and diesel vehicles do, every year once the vehicle is three years old.

This test may have slightly different elements than a conventional MOT. For example, we aren’t going to be running an exhaust emissions test.

You can book your electric car in for an MOT by giving us a phone call. Just let us know when you book in that it’s an electric vehicle, and make sure that it is fully charged when you drop it off with us for the MOT.

The MOT for an electric car doesn’t cost anything different or extra to a regular petrol or diesel MOT.

Please note that hybrids have the same MOT as a fully petrol or diesel vehicle, so please make sure you have at least a quarter tank of fuel before your test.

Double check your charging speed on your vehicle!

If you plug in to a rapid charging point when your vehicle can’t cope with the charging rate, you are being charged extra for the higher output without any benefit.

There isn’t a different quality of electricity between these charging points, so if your car can’t take the speed of charging, don’t plug in. You’ll just be paying more for the same rate of charge.

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