Brand new treatments for Summer 2019! Tec4 have just released some new treatments for your vehicle, in the next few posts we shall find out more about them and why we use them.

Also Tec4 are helping do what they can for the environment and are phasing out all plastic bottles across their range that they can. Meet the new recyclable can!

So our next treatment for your vehicle from Tec4 Lubricants that we shall look at is Diesel Bug Eliminator

Read on to find out why this is an important product.

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Designed to eliminate and stop the formation of fungi in diesel tanks and systems.

Over time condensation and water droplets contained in diesel fall out of suspension leading to a build up of free water in the bottom of the tank.

As diesel is manufactured from organic matter this can lead to formation of algae often referred to as “Diesel Bug”. This bacteria and algae coats the tank walls with contaminants.

Tec4 Diesel Bug Eliminator Premium is a high concentrate biocide which kills the algae and bacteria even when diluted to as little as 1:5000 parts.

The resultant dead organic matter is dissolved and held in suspension in the fuel allowing it pass seamlessly through the system.

Key Benefits:

Tec4 Diesel Bug Eliminator is simply added to the fuel in the tank.

For preventative maintenance the product can be diluted to as little as 100ml per 500 litres of fuel however it is highly recommended that a dilution rate of 100ml per 50 litres be applied to ensure the complete eradication of algae and bacteria.

Simply added a 100ml dose of Tec4 Diesel Bug Eliminator to the tank of a typical motor vehicle to ensure trouble free motoring.

A modern solution for modern stop start & hybrid vehicles.

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